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EVOBOX: The new mobile distributor generation

The new EVOBOX series is the ideal solution formobile power supply in industry, on construction sites or in event technology.

The portable distributor series is available in 4 coordinated housing sizes and impresses with its high mechanical and thermal capacity.

• Light and easy-to-handle, using hard Polyethylene

• Overall protection degree of the distributor is IP54

• High mechanical and thermal capacity

• Perfectly stackable

• Maintenance-free QUICK-CONNECT technology for CEE and domestic sockets

• Available in 4 different sizes

• Fuse elements protected under robust operating window

• No protruding components

• With 2 integrated carry handles

• Pre-punched recesses make it possible to affix inscription labels

• All distributors are equipped with an earthing screw (external earthing screw) outside the housing as standard

• Distributor outlets and fuse elements each separately on one side

• The fuse for the CEE socket phases is optionally 1 pole or multi-pole

• The internal wiring is designed for the highest possible safety via the specification standard

• The CEE sockets have been arranged so the IP67 plugs and sockets can be plugged in easily

• The domestic sockets are equipped with additional sealing edges as standard in accordance with DIN VDE 0620 for portable distributors.


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